December 21, 2016  Updates for Text Display and Voyage Recorder

Better compatibility with Garmin chart plotters now available in both products. New NMEA 2000 temperature messages are supported now in the Text Display.

Voyage Recorder is compatible with a virtually all NMEA 2000 equipment, because all it does is save network data to a MicroSD card. The only required message is "System Time" (PGN 126992) so the creation time for data files can be set. This message is also used by the PC software to "restore" the real time line between data files.

Garmin chart plotters prefer to use "GNSS Position Data" (PGN 129029) message instead of "System Time". For this reason, data file creation time on the MicroSD may be incorrect and the PC software may show the recording time as "Unknown".

New updates for the firmware and PC software solve this problem. Additionally, the new YDVR Converter correctly processes data files created by Voyage Recorder with old firmware on affected systems. Processing of affected files takes additional time, so if you are planning to process your files several times, then it is better to repair files first (see section 8 of YDVR Converter manual).

The Text Display's firmware also process "GNSS Position Data" message now to display a date/time data page. The new version also contains a fix for the problem occurring when there is more than one source of atmospheric pressure data on the network. Support of the "Temperature, Extended Range" (PGN 130316) message was added for better compatibility with new systems.

Updates are available on the downloads page.


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