November 8, 2017  CAN Log Viewer update 1.06 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

CAN Log Viewer can open UDP, TCP and serial ports

With this update, you'll be able to open logs of Raymarine chart plotters in the same way as .CAN files, connect to UDP ports of a Wi-Fi Gateway, and select preferred units for data viewers. In addition, message and data byte counters were added to the status bar and some other improvements were made.

Raymarine chart plotters are able to record SeaTalk NG (branded version of NMEA 2000) logs, files have names like SeatalkNG_00001.log and are similar inside to our RAW protocol:

  Rx 201357 09 f1 05 ac 20 15 3c c0 1f ff 7f ff
  Rx 201357 09 f1 05 ac 21 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
  Rx 201358 09 f1 05 ac 22 ff 7f ff 7f ff 7f ff
  Rx 201358 09 f1 05 ac 23 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
  Tx 201371 19 fa 04 01 80 ab bd ff 0e 04 39 37
  Tx 201371 19 fa 04 01 81 2c 71 ac 0d 00 00 00
  Tx 201371 19 fa 04 01 82 00 f2 0b 16 31 e6 a0
  Tx 201371 19 fa 04 01 83 a0 0f 00 00 00 00 f2
  Tx 201371 19 fa 04 01 84 20 0b 2f 72 9b d8 0e
  Tx 201371 19 fa 04 01 85 00 00 00 00 f2 01 e8

Now you can view these logs with the free CAN Log Viewer tool, and we hope that it will help Raymarine users tune and troubleshoot their systems without the help of Yacht Devices hardware products.

UDP protocol is faster than TCP because the gateway needs to wait for confirmation of the previous packet to send the next one, and data flow automatically restores after reconnection of Wi-Fi. So, UDP may be preferred if you need to record a few days data to a file with the CAN Log Viewer tool, for example. Cycling NMEA 2000 power or a temporary Wi-Fi connection loss will not stop recording.

The user interface is enhanced with unit settings (see the last item in the "View" menu) and two new data bars in the status bar. The first contains the number of messages received in the last second, and the second contains the number of data bytes received in the last second (two bytes are added to the message data length in case of an 11-bit CAN identifier and four bytes in case of 29-bit identifier).

This update also has some fixes and we recommend it to all users. You can download the program on the Downloads page.


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