October 24, 2017  Voyage Recorder PC Software update

This minor update adds TWA (True Wind Angle) to the list of wind parameters supported (TWD, TWS, AWA, and AWS). All parameters are now available in GPX (tracks), CSV (spreadsheets) and logbook output files.

Google Earth with Voyage Recorder GPX track

The screenshot above (click to enlarge) is taken from Google Earth with a track generated by the new v1.29 software version. As with AWA, TWA is wind relative to the vessel centerline (heading). On the port tack, we can see that the median value of the apparent wind angle was 341 degrees (or 19 degrees to port) and true wind angle was 322 degrees (or 38 degrees to port). On the starboard tack, apparent wind angle was 19 degrees (to starboard) and true wind angle was 32 degrees.

Along with roll (heeling) and pitch data, and with the rudder angle, this allows analyzing of sail settings and crew/boat balance. Despite the track above being recorded on a racing yacht, the same data are available on the most modern cruisers equipped with autopilot.

A new log book macro was also added, see Appendix B of the YDVR Converter manual for details.

Updated version is available on the Downloads page.


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