March 20, 2018  First installer's software works on Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows

The new, version of the free CAN Log Viewer can list NMEA 2000 devices. You can also configure addresses and instances, set installation descriptions, configure devices and update them if the program is connected to one of our gateways.


Video 1. Device configuration and update (download, 8 MB)

In the first video you can see how to get the list of network devices and change device configuration on example of our Humidity Sensor. All modern NMEA 2000 certified devices should allow changing of the device instance and some other service fields.

Configuration information is intended for leaving notes about the installation (e.g., to specify the device location), but many manufacturers, including Garmin, use these fields to pass commands to device. Some chart plotters also allow entering configuration information.

In our example, we enter the command YD:OUTSIDE (see the section VI for details), and the Humidity Sensor begins transmission of measured values as "Outside Humidity" and "Air Temperature"; with the default settings, it transmits data as "Inside Humidity" and "Inside Temperature".

The firmware update procedure, shown in this video, will be available for all our sensors (Digital Barometer, Digital Thermometer and Humidity Sensor) with firmware 1.40 and higher (will be available for shipping in May 2018). The program must be connected to an NMEA 2000 network with USB Gateway YDNU-02 (as in this video) or a Wi-Fi Gateway YDWG-02.


Video 2. Session recording and re-play (download, 12 MB)

In the second video, we open the port of the Wi-Fi Gateway YDWG-02 and record all session data to the file TEST.CAN. During this session, we enumerate NMEA 2000 devices, close the connection to the gateway, and clear data in all program windows.

After that we open TEST.CAN and make sure that we are able to see all the same data, as in the case of having a physical connection. At the end of video we demonstrate how easy is to export a .CAN file to another format.

The CAN Log Viewer can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. We hope that it will not only be a good configuration and updating tool for our products, but will be widely used by installers as well. In the next version, we add planning to add configuration of data instance, priority and schedule for popular NMEA 2000 messages.

You can download CAN Log Viewer on the Downloads page.


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