October 28, 2016  Updates for Text Display and NMEA 2000 Bridge

Engine and Tank Monitoring firmware and Instrument Display firmware are both updated, NMEA 2000 Bridge now support messages with 11-bit identifiers.

The Text Display firmware pack, which now contains Engine and Tank Monitoring v1.01e firmware and Instrument Display v1.04i firmware, has been updated. These updates include some improvements to compatibility and cosmetic improvements. If you are satisfied with your Text Display, you can ignore these updates.

Firmware update v1.03 for NMEA 2000 Bridge adds support for messages with 11-bit identifiers (see VIII.2 in the product manual). It does not change much in the handling of incoming messages, but more importantly, now you may send messages with 11-bit identifiers from code.

We also added message slots initialization (see VII.5 in the product manual). This allows you to write more elegant programs:


  # Prepare non-addressed ISO Request message
  # with a request for an ISO Address Claim
  SLOT1= 00FFEA18 FF 03 00EE00

  # This code will be executed every 10 seconds
	load(SLOT1) 	     # Load prepared message
	set(0,UINT8,addr())  # Set Bridge's NMEA address
	send(CAN1) # Send to CAN1 from Bridge's address

The program above will ask all devices on network CAN1 to claim their addresses every 10 seconds. Slot initialization is extremely useful when you need to prepare a long, multi-frame message.

All updates are available from the Downloads page (Text Display, NMEA Bridge).


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