February 19, 2016  Meet the Display!

We are glad to present the new NMEA 2000 display with the ability to show the vessel's position, course and speed, wind and weather, engine revolutions, batteries statuses. But it also have some features which you might find especially enjoyable!

Yachting has a reverence for traditional and the best of the past, so we're taking you back to the Nineties! Meet the simple, two-line text display designed along old school rules. No sliding. No touch screen. Just two buttons. But unlike cutting edge technology of the 90s, it has a MicroSD card slot. If your browser supports WebGL, you can view the full 3D model below.

Many people wish to have a secondary instrument display near the chart table or in the cabin. And our display has an unbeatable price of USD $149 including free world-wide delivery! You could get the same data from displays cost four times more. The display can show the vessel's position, course and speed, wind and weather, engine revolutions, and battery statuses. In the display settings, you may choose units (knots, m/s or mph, etc.), turn on or off data pages, and adjust other parameters. Below you can slide through the display's screens.


  • Vessel position
  • System time and date
  • Course Over Ground and Speed Over Ground
  • STW and Heading
  • True Wind Speed and True Wind Angle
  • Apparent Wind Speed and Apparent Wind Angle
  • Water temperature and depth
  • Air temperature and Atmosphere pressure
  • Log and Trip distance
  • Battery status
  • Engine revolutions, port and starboard
  • Main menu (partially)
  • Brightness settings


But what is the killer feature? It is not the price. In 2016, we plan to release firmware which will transform display for engine monitoring with extended engine information like oil temperature and fuel pressure, firmware to monitor chargers and DC sources (including wind generators and solar panels), and firmware to monitor fluid levels in water, fuel, black water and other tanks.

You'll able to download specialized firmware from our web site, copy it to the MicroSD card and change the type of your display in a minute! So it is not just a simple instrument display, it is an affordable platform for multi-functional additional displays!

Power consumption in energy-saving mode is 20 mA and with maximum brightness is only 28 mA, so even five displays can run without ruining your energy budget. The Display has dimensions of 99x31x16mm (without connector) and may be installed on bulkheads. It has a NMEA 2000 male connector and is compatible with virtually any NMEA 2000 equipment, including Raymarine SeaTalk NG, Furuno CAN and Garmin NMEA 2000 equipment. The display is not waterproof and should be installed in dry locations.

Drawing of Yacht Devices Text Display

This product will be available for order at the end of March 2016, please see announcements on our web site and thank you for visiting!


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