February 1, 2016  "The swiss army knife for data recording": SIGNAL Kool blogger about Voyage Recorder

Screenshot of review about Voyage Recorder by SIGNAL kool blogger Adam Hyde

SIGNAL Kool blogger Adam Hyde from Vancouver (Canada) has tested the Voyage Recorder manufactured by "Yacht Devices Ltd".

"I can see this product being useful for charter operations who want to see how their boats are being used, or for commercial vessels who need to keep logs for legal reasons and want the data to back them up. For the recreational boater, it can just be fun to share out your voyages and poke around through all the data on your network for anomalies. Perhaps you'll find data you didn't know was there. For marine installers this could be a handy product for network trouble shooting".

He also played around with data conversion, creating GPX files with the YDVR Converter software (you can download the software and test data from here).

"Yacht Devices provides a free utility called YDVR Converter for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can create tracks in a variety of GPX formats for import into Google Maps or other programs. You can also create CSV files for further processing by spreadsheets or for custom integrations. A printable logbook can also be created using your own custom template which is pretty cool. There is also an XML export option for OpenSkipper and an option for Signal K format."

"I'm of the opinion that the Voyage Recorder provides great value. It really is quite the Swiss army knife for data recording".


More information about the Voyage Recorder can be found in the Products section of our website.

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Adam Hyde (SIGNAL Kool blogger)

The complete review was available at http://www.signalkool.com/2016/01/black-box-for-your-boat.html (site is currently unavailable).


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