August 4, 2016  Meet the NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway for Volvo Penta and J1939 engines

Yacht Devices Engine Gateway for Volvo Penta and J1939 engines

We are glad to present the new Engine Gateway with unbeatable price of USD $189 including free world-wide delivery. Device contains built-in J1939 Y-connector and supplied with different types of NMEA 2000 connectors, so no additional cables required!

The device is a gateway from a J1939 network (engine network) to a NMEA 2000 digital network. With it, you can see engine revolutions, temperature, working hours and other information on the screen of a chart plotter and other display devices on an NMEA 2000 network. The Device was developed specifically for Volvo Penta engines with an EVC system and D1 and D2 engines with MDI block, but it can be used with engines of other manufacturers.

On most vessels, the Device starts working upon installation, with no configuration needed. But we're happy to point out that it has a wealth of diagnostics capabilities and settings. Because of this, it can often be used on vessels where there are complications with analog equipment from various manufacturers.


List of supported J1939 messages

 60160-Transport Protocol - Data Transfer
 60416-Transport Protocol - Connection Mgmt
 6144392Electronic Engine Controller 2 / Engine Percent Load At Current Speed
 61444190Electronic Engine Controller 1 / Engine Speed
 61444513Electronic Engine Controller 1 / Actual Engine - Percent Torque
 65226-Active Diagnostic Trouble Codes
 65253249Engine Hours, Revolutions / Engine Total Revolutions
 65262110Engine Temperature 1 / Engine Coolant Temperature
 65262175Engine Temperature 1 / Engine Oil Temperature 1
 6526394Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 1 / Engine Fuel Delivery Pressure
 65263100Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 1 / Engine Oil Pressure
 65263109Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 1 / Engine Coolant Pressure
 65266183Fuel Economy (Liquid) / Engine Fuel Rate
 65270102Inlet/Exhaust Conditions 1 / Engine Intake Manifold #1 Pressure
 65271158Vehicle Electrical Power 1 / Keyswitch Battery Potential
 65271167Vehicle Electrical Power 1 / Charging System Potential (Voltage)
 65271168Vehicle Electrical Power 1 / Battery Potential / Power Input 1
 6527638Dash Display / Fuel Level 2
 6527698Dash Display / Fuel Level 1
 65417-Volvo Penta proprietary


The YDEG-04 is compatible with a wide range of NMEA 2000 devices. Raymarine SeaTalk NG, Simrad SimNet and Furuno CAN networks are branded versions of NMEA 2000 and differ only in the type of connectors. In its devices, Garmin uses the NMEA 2000 Micro connector that is compatible with the DeviceNet Micro connector. Our devices are supplied with different types of NMEA 2000 connectors, making it possible to connect them to networks of different manufacturers without any adapters.

The product does not send data to engine networks, and it has a high-voltage optical isolator between the NMEA 2000 and J1939 networks. The Device is designed to work on 12V or 24V engine networks.


List of supported NMEA 2000 messages

 59392YesYesISO Acknowledgment
 59904-YesISO Request
 60928YesYesISO Address Claim
 126464Yes-PGNs Group List
 126996Yes-Product Information
 127488Yes-Engine Parameters, Rapid Update
 127489Yes-Engine Parameters, Dynamic
 127505Yes-Fluid Level
 127508Yes-Battery Status


The devices is equipped with a slot for a MicroSD card which can be used to configure its settings (loading a text file with the settings), updates for the Device software. The card can also serve to record the data from the J1939 network for configuration and diagnosis of the device.

This product will be available for order at August 11, please see announcements on our web site.

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