September 2, 2016  J1939 and Volvo Penta EVC funny video

What prevents one from enjoying the whisper of the wind and the soft lapping of water? Even the smooth hum of the engine can meld organically into the sounds of nature. But the tachometer! As soon as you turn off the engine, its awful squeaking starts.


British scientists have confirmed that men are not disturbed so much by high frequency noise. Nature ensured that the crying of children does not prevent the hunter from resting before going out for a hard day. So one wonders how much money was spent on research for the Volvo Penta to have it create that exact noise that no one can get out of their ears!

We twisted the tachometer of the Volvo Penta EVC in our hands. It is blameless. These disharmonic tones are coming from our favorite engine, to which we sometimes pray and on which is showered the most lavish attention. And the tachometer, it turns out, can even play music!

But if you are on friendly terms with both CAN and J1939 protocols, then by watching this video, you can see what is happening between them, and what to patch so that the tachometer pipes down a notch or two.


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