October 6, 2016  Engine Gateway YDEG-04 firmware update v1.02 is released

Calibration of fuel tank sensor

We are glad to present new firmware for our Engine Gateway, with the fuel tank sensors calibration and exhaust gas temperature support.

The new firmware is intended for owners of engines have an input for an analog tank fuel level sensor on the engine control units (ECU). Fuel level calibration is required because the sensor does not know the tank's capacity and the form of the tank. For example, the fuel gauge can show fuel level at 80% when the tank actually has only about 50%, and 30% when the tank really has 10%.

On our test boat, a Dufour 375GL with a Volvo Penta D2-40F engine and a 200L tank, we have a set of records in the log book (we collected the data over five years!) which helps us get real data concerning remaining fuel volume from an analog fuel gauge. As you can see on the graph above, when we see 30% on the gauge display, it really means 20L, or 10% of tank capacity.

In the new YDEG firmware, we have added a TANK_CAPACITY setting, and you can configure capacity for all 10 supported tanks:


We also added a TANK_CALIBRATION setting (individual for each tank), which allows you to set 12 calibration points at 4%, 8%, 12%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 95% gauge readings (assuming that 0% and 100% readings do not require calibration). The device will interpolate gauge readings by calibration points.

For example, you can see on the graph above, that 50% on the display really means 38 liters or 19%. So, you should set 19 as the value for the 50% calibration point. The full calibration string for our tank is:

	# Points:          4,8,12,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,95%
	TANK_CALIBRATION_0=1,2, 3, 5,10,14,19,28,41,57,73,81

To simplify obtaining the calibration string, we prepared an Excel file. You only need to specify your gauge's readings and measured remaining fuel volume to get the calculated calibration string.

Picture 1. Calibration spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel

Picture 1. Calibration spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel


Also, the support of Engine Exhaust Gas Temperature (J1939 PGN 65270 / SPN 173) was added in this version of the firmware. The data are sent to the NMEA 2000 network in the message "Temperature, Extended Range" with PGN 130316.

This message is not supported by legacy NMEA 2000 equipment, but you may use our Text Display with Engine and Tank Monitoring Firmware to see the data. This small display shows exhaust gas temperature as well as all other NMEA 2000 data for up to four engines, and it shows tank levels (in percent and in liters) and tank's capacity.

The firmware update is free and available for download here. Please, refer to section IX of the Manual if you have any questions regarding the firmware update.

More information about Engine Gateway: www.yachtd.com/products/engine_gateway.html


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