December 13, 2019  New cables for Engine Gateway

Adapter cables for Caterpillar engines with round connectors are in stock. Cables for Cummins engines with similar connectors are expected in January.

Caterpillar adapter with round HD16-9-96S connector

We are glad to present the new Engine Gateway YDEG-04 adaptor cable with a round Deutsch HD16-9-96S connector for Caterpillar engines. The new cable is designed for the following models (the list is not complete): Caterpillar C7, C9, C12, C18 and C32.

Even if your engine is in the list, be sure that your engine is equipped with the standard connector and that you can find it, because some boats may have custom connectors.

To be 100% sure, you can turn the ignition on and check the voltage between the VCC and GND pins using the voltmeter (note that contacts on the engine side are in mirror image in comparison to the drawing above), you should get 12-24V DC readings. Then turn the ignition off (it is recommended additionally to cut off the power to the engine with the circuit breaker) and check the resistance between the CAN LOW and CAN HIGH pins using an ohmmeter — you should get reading in the range of 60-120 Ohms.

The new cable costs $49 (USD) and is already available for order with the Engine Gateway. Please use the bulk ordering page if you need to order cables separately from the gateway.

Cummins QSL9, QSM11, QSX15, QSK 19/45/60 engines have a similar connector (Deutsch HD16-9-1939S), but one pin has the key and two pins are thinner than the others are. The wiring of Cummins engines are also different from Caterpillar. Cummins cables will be available in January 2020 for the same price.


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