November 15, 2019  New product: NMEA 2000 Run Indicator

The device visualizes DC loads on NMEA 2000 displays, analyzes power consumption and can warn you about fresh water or seawater leaks.

Yacht Devices NMEA 2000 Run Indicator

At the beginning of crossing the Atlantic in 2013, a crewmember on one of the yachts found that they forgot to fill one of the water tanks. He switched the fresh water system to use the second tank, but few hours later, he realized that they were then down to water in bottles. In a fuss, even an experienced yachtsman can easily draw the wrong conclusion.

The Run Indicator has 4 channels to connect DC loads with operating voltage up to 40V and current up to 10 A (15 A peak). Thanks to built-in measurement shunts, it is very easy to install. On modern chart plotters, you can see the state of channels (including current) as digital switching equipment, and for legacy displays, the device can send data as though it were four virtual NMEA 2000 batteries.

The device can turn on and off channels of digital switching equipment based on user rules. For example, with the Yacht Devices Circuit Control, it can turn off a load if the current is too high or alert with a sound alarm using Yacht Devices Alarm Button. User rules offer special algorithms to analyze bilge and fresh water pumps. For example, you can configure the an alert to sound when the fresh water pump turns on at regular intervals, since this is likely caused by a leak steadily draining the system. Or when the bilge pump turns on frequently, or when the shower pump works too long.

On a rented boat or with a new crew, it is easy to miss the visual signal on the panel that some pump or other equipment is on, and in windy weather, it is easy not to hear. The Run Indicator makes analog loads visible for the helmsman, and can be configured to attract the attention in some typical situations.

The Run Indicator has a 85x45x25mm case and is equipped with an NMEA 2000 Micro Male connector. The NMEA 2000 interface has high-voltage galvanic isolation from loads, and the typical power consumption is 50 mA. Multiple devices can be installed across a NMEA 2000 network.

The Run Indicator will be presented at the Yacht Devices booth #5.455 at the METS Trade expo on November 19, and will be available for order in November for USD $189.


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