February 18, 2019  Circuit Control and Switch Control update 1.03

The new firmware allows use of multiple Circuit Controls with an MFD, has better compatibility with CZone equipment, a web script can now generate pages for Raymarine Axiom, and one Switch Control can manage two Circuit Control units

Picture 1. Raymarine Axiom 7" with two YDCC units

Picture 1. Raymarine Axiom 7" with two YDCC units

First of all, we are glad to inform that you can use one or two Circuit Control units with your MFD (CZone support is required). The second Circuit Control unit must be manually configured for a "secondary group", this can be done with the connected buttons or with the "YD:GROUP SECONDARY" command (see sections VII and X of the User Manual). To download the configuration file for your MFD, please visit this page.

If you need to use more than two YDCC units with MFD, you can. Please contact us and we will help you with the configuration of your MFD and YDCC units. We also recommend ordering the NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway along with our digital switching units, to enable easier updating of the firmware. The Gateway will also give you the opportunity to manage loads from any modern web browser, on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

To use Circuit Control with Raymarine chart plotters with LightHouse 3.8 (Axiom, Axiom Pro, eS and gS series) you need dealer software to create custom pages for Dashboard section. However, now you can also generate a page right on our web site!

You only need to choose the "Raymarine Axiom", enter labels for your buttons, and enter the serial number of your Circuit Control unit. Do not unpack the downloaded file, copy it to MicroSD and click "Import custom pages" in the "Settings" window of the "Dashboard" section. After that, you will need to reboot your MFD.

Editing of Raymarine custom page file

Picture 2. Editing of Raymarine custom page file

To replace our logos with your own, open the configuration file and replace files with names starting with "YD_" in the "Assets" folder with your own graphics. If you need to adjust images size or position, you can open files (for the "Dashboard" section and for the combined "Chart\Dashboard" section) and edit them in the text editor (see Picture 2):

  • LightHouse3\Pages\Yacht_Devices.qml
  • LightHouse3\Pages_Half\Half_Yacht_Devices.qml

Will be thankful to all users for screenshots from different chart plotters and photos of installations.

Split mode of Switch Control

Picture 3. Split mode of Switch Control

The next nice feature of 1.03 update is the "split mode" of the Switch Control. In this mode, the Switch Control is able to manage the two first channels of two Circuit Control units with consecutive bank numbers. For example, after the activation of the split mode on the Switch Control configured for bank #0, buttons B1 and B2 will control (and LEDs L1 and L2 will display the state of) channels 1 and 2 of bank #0, and buttons B3 and B4 will control (and LEDs L3 and L4 will display the state of) channels 1 and 2 of bank #1. This allows you to save a penny in some cases.

The new firmware 1.03 for Circuit Control and Switch Control and updated User Manual are available at Downloads page.


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