September 26, 2018  24V version of the Smart Relay

The new version can work in 12V and 24V circuits with 28V maximum allowed voltage.

The Smart Relay allows you to avoid replacing a two-conductor wire with a three-conductor, or a two-position switch with three-position switch. This situation can arise, for example, when you are adding a floating switch to the bilge pump and wish to save the manual pump control in addition to automatic control. In this case, you need a three position switch (OFF-ON-AUTO) and a three-conductor wire. Click here, to learn how elegantly it can be solved with the Smart Relay. No rewiring and no changes in your switch panel!

The first versions of the Smart Relay were designed for 12V circuits with an allowed maximum of 16V. In May 2018, we improved the scheme for work in 24V circuits with 28V maximum allowed voltage. Dealers started receiving the new devices in June, and now all dealers have the new version. The actual device voltage is specified in the User Manual supplied with the device.

Visit the product's homepage to learn more about the Smart Relay.


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