May 8, 2024  Update for Tank and Rudder Adapters

New modes to work in parallel with modern smart gauges, including popular KUS/WEMA devices.


The main distinguishing feature of our devices is that we can not only receive data from different types of sensors, but also work in parallel with the gauges connected to the sensors without distorting their readings.

When connecting, we have to consider how the connected gauge affects the circuit we are measuring. Some modern gauges with arrow indication are actually fully digital, and the arrow of the instrument is moved by a servo motor. Some gauges are combination instruments, with the option of selecting the measurement input via a mechanical or electronic switch. For all such gauges, consideration must be given to the state when they are switched off or disconnected from the circuit being measured, and when they are switched on.

Today's update was created back on April 11 and sent to some of our users, to test the operation with their gauges. We are publishing it with almost a month's delay as soon as we managed to gather positive feedback from all our testers, for which we thank them very much.

The update adds a new 1COIL_REF mode, for connecting smart gauges with high-impedance input. Also improved support for smart gauges with low-impedance and extra internal resistive load, which include the new KUS/WEMA digital gauges. All details on settings and wiring diagrams are published in application note YDTA-YDRA-AN-001. To make the setup easier, we have prepared for you a Microsoft Excel file that will help you to perform the necessary measurements, calculate the required parameters and prepare a configuration file or a list of commands for our devices.

The update also adds a new HYBRID mode for instruments with a DC source in the measuring circuit. When the gauge is switched off, our devices switch to RESISITIVE mode, and when there is voltage on the measured circuit, they switch to VOLTAGE mode.

Firmware updates for the Tank Adapter YDTA-01 (1.08), Tank Adapter YDTA-04 (1.05) and Rudder Adapter YDRA-01 (1.05), are available on the Downloads page.


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