All our devices are compatible with a wide range of boat networks based on NMEA 2000, including Raymarine SeaTalk NG, Simrad SimNet, Furuno CAN, and Garmin NMEA 2000. Configuration or maintenance usually is not required, just plug themn into your boat's network!

Humidity Sensor YDHS-01

Provides chart plotters and instrumental displays with humidity and air temperature measurements and calculated dew point temperature. High quality sensor with ±2 % RH and ±0.3 °C accuracy in most of the operating range. The device is plug and play; you only need to plug it into a NMEA 2000 backbone to get readings on all chart plotters and instruments on board.


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Engine Gateway YDEG-04

Gateway for Volvo Penta EVC, BRP Rotax and J1939 engines to NMEA 2000 marine electronics network. It will provide you with engine revolutions, motor hours, coolant temperature, battery voltage, warning and alarms, fuel rate and other data on the screen of your chart plotter. No extra cables required in most cases thanks to a built-in Y-connector.


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Voyage Recorder YDVR-03

Never forget exciting moments of your voyages, have proof of strong winds and great storms, accumulate data for future voyages and analyze your races, generate logbooks and diagnose problems. The Recorder is intended for storing data from the onboard network of the vessel on a MicroSD memory card. The software that comes with the Recorder is installed on a desktop computer and allows GPX and CSV files to be generated with the vessel's track and extensive information about the sailing conditions, including weather, depth, engine, and even tracks of nearby vessels with AIS. GPX files can be viewed in Google Earth, Garmin MapSource and other cartographic applications. CSV files may be opened in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc to visualize data using charts and build the graphic reports.


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Barometer YDBC-05

The Barometer is intended for measuring atmospheric pressure within the range from 300 to 1100 hPa (mbar). The sensor is located inside the device case. Many chartplotters and digital navigation instruments are able to display data on pressure in the form of graphs or show a trend indicator; this allows tracking of trends in the weather change. The Device dimensions, including the connector, are 54x20x20mm, the mass is only 11 grams, so it is suitable for racing yachts. Pressure data output resolution 0.01 hPa (mbar), absolute measurement accuracy is ±1 hPa, relative measurement accuracy is ±0.12 hPa.


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Thermometer YDTC-13

The Thermometer performs measurements within the range from -55 to +125°C (-67..+257°F), the sensor is placed outside the case on a flexible, 95cm wire in a sealed stainless steel sleeve and can be used to measure the temperature of gases or liquids. If necessary, the wire can be elongated up to 100 meters. The Thermometer can be configured by the user to display data as "Air temperature", "Sea temperature", "Temperature in the refrigerator", "Temperature in the engine room", "Bait Well Temperature", etc.


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Text Display YDTD-20

Instrument display for NMEA 2000 networks. It shows the vessel's position, course and speed, wind and weather data, water depth, log and trip distance, engine revolutions, batteries voltage, etc. With other firmware, you can monitor up to four engines and transmissions, temperature in the exhaust system, the vessel's trim tabs, four batteries, four diesel and four gasoline tanks and three fresh water and three black water tanks. Typical power consumption is 20 mA only.


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NMEA 2000 Bridge YDNB-07

Unifies two physical NMEA 2000 networks into a single logical network, smoothly exchanging messages between them. The Bridge also support filtering and processing of transmitted messages and contains a built-in compiler of a simple programming language. You can create message processing programs on any device with a MicroSD socket and a text editor. One of the CAN-interfaces on the device has high-voltage galvanic isolation and can operate at a higher supply voltage.


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CAN Log Viewer : Free software

CAN Log Viewer is a free viewer, player and converter of CAN (Controller Area Network) logs. It can play your CAN recordings on a PC screen in real time and highlight changing data. This product was designed as a supporting tool for various hardware products of our company, but all data formats are open and data conversion to and from CSV (Comma Separated Values) format is supported. Works under Microsoft Windows, Linux and Max OS X.