August 22, 2018  Engine Gateway's firmware update 1.22

Now with support of the SmartCraft protocol from Mercury and MerCruiser engines, the 10-pin SmartCraft Y-adaptor is in stock

SmartCraft 10-pin adaptor (Mercury, MerCruiser)

With the new firmware we are also present you SmartCraft adaptor (see the picture above) for the Gateway, contains a Y-connector for the 10-pin SmartCraft connector and allows connection with the Gateway in-line with existing equipment or the junction box. The adaptor is available in the Accessories section on ordering page and costs USD $39.

The new firmware was tested with a Mercruiser 115 Pro XS (2017) and 80 EFI FourStroke (2013 and 2014). We expect that it will work with all Mercury and Mercruiser engines manufactured after 2011. It is also compatible with early models that support SmartCraft CAN, but we cannot guarantee what data will be available. If you are able to see the data on digital gauges (VesselView, MercMonitor, SC1000), you can be sure that these data will be also available for the Gateway.

The Gateway only reads SmartCraft bus, so installation is safe. We are also extending the return period from 15 days to 60 days for all Gateways purchased in our store before November 1st with the SmartCraft adaptor cable; you can return the Gateway during this period without any reason and get a full refund.

The Gateway supports almost all NMEA 2000 data fields for engine and transmission, including fuel rate, oil temperature and pressure, coolant temperature and pressure, engine hours, etc. The full list of supported parameters is available here. Up to four engines with eight fuel tanks and four batteries are supported. Fuel tank capacity (not transmitted over SmartCraft bus) can be specified in the Gateway settings, as well as 12-point calibration for sensor readings.

The depth, sea water temperature, Pitot-based and paddle-based speed, and rudder angle are not supported yet, but they will be added in future firmware updates. The Gateway supports recording of CAN data to a MicroSD card, so we can investigate any user-side case in detail.

To activate the SmartCraft protocol, you should upload the configuration file YDEG.TXT from MicroSD card with only one line: SMARTCRAFT=ON. This is enough for boats with one or two engines. For your convenience, we prepared a configuration file (click here) optimized for SmartCraft. It turns the SmartCraft protocol on with support of up to four engines. If you order the Gateway from our store, you can ask us (just drop an email after ordering) and we'll send you the Gateway already configured for SmartCraft engines.

The Gateway costs much less than the Mercury NMEA 2000 Gateway, VesselView Link and MercMonitor, and is a good choice if you need to see engines data on MFD or other NMEA 2000 instruments.

The firmware update 1.22 is available on the Downloads page. To learn more about the Engine Gateway see:


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