December 20, 2021  New cables for Engine Gateways

We have significantly extended our engine integration portfolio and found three interesting cases with Volvo-Penta, Yanmar and Caterpillar engines we would like to share.

Volvo-Penta gasoline engines with Chaparral tachometer

It is known that Volvo MEFI4B+ gasoline engines wiring can be heavily customized by boat manufacturers, so-called OEM wiring. One of the most common cases of non-Volvo engine instrumentation alternative is a Chaparral tachometer.

Chaparral generic J1939 tachometer

Figure 1. Chaparral generic J1939 tachometer

This tachometer has the same 6-pin Deutsch connector, but it has a different pinout in respect to Engine Gateway YDEG-04 Y-harness wiring, as YDEG-04 is wired for Volvo MULTILINK bus and EVC tachometer.

You can connect YDEG-04 to Chaparral tachometer, but YDEG-04 Y-harness needs to be rewired to match the Chaparral tachometer pinout, according to the diagram given here.

Caterpillar engines with J1708 bus (ATA Data Link) only

Caterpillar engines manufactured in the past millennium usually have no J1939 bus, but hey have "ATA Data Link" bus, which is actually a J1708 bus with J1587 protocol on it. Therefore, for such engines our J1708 Engine Gateway YDES-04 can be used. The YDES-04 can be connected to a 9-pin round diagnostics connector located on the engine.

To check if your engine has J1708 bus, inspect the 9-pin connector incoming wires.

Caterpillar 9-pin round diagnostics connector

Figure 2. Caterpillar 9-pin round diagnostics connector

Note that engine shown at Figure 3 has no J1939 bus ("F" and "G" are not wired), but it has J1708 bus ("J" and "H" are wired). If you have two wires in positions "F" and "G" that means your engine has J1939 bus and YDEG-04 gateway can be used, this is a recommended option.

If you have no J1939 wires in positions "F" and "G" that means your engine has no J1939 bus, and YDEG-04 gateway can not be used. In that case, check if you have two wires in positions "J" and "H", if so, that means your engine has J1708 bus and YDES-04 gateway can be used.

To connect YDES-04 to a 9-pin round diagnostics connector you need "J1708 Caterpillar Round 9-pin adaptor cable" (don't confuse with the similar cable for the Engine Gateway YDEG-04) which we have just added to the list of products you can order.

Connection to Yanmar 12-pin B25/C35 panel

Yanmar J1939-capable engines are usually equipped with B25/C35 control panel which is connected to engine harness 12-pin Deutsch "A-A" connector via 12-pin Deutsch adapter cable.

We also have 6-pin adaptor cable for Yanmar (for "C-C" diagnostic connector), but this connector is placed on the engine control module (located on the engine). Placing the gateway in the engine room requires an extra protection from possible high temperature and humidity exposure and flooding with engine fluids.

Yanmar B25/C35 control panel with 12-pin engine harness

Figure 3. Yanmar B25/C35 control panel with 12-pin engine harness

Installation of YDEG-04 in the panel compartment may be a better option as it offers an extra protection from the environment. Also, NMEA 2000 network may be already wired there.

We have tested such connection, so now you can connect YDEG-04 in series with Yanmar B25/C35 control panel using a new "Yanmar B25/C35 adaptor cable".

Both new cables are in stock and available in the list of accessories on ordering page.


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