Alarm Button: Configuration file for MFD

Please use the form below to generate a configuration file for your MFD. The DIP Switch setting on the MFD must be different from the YDAB DIP Switch setting (it is generated by the serial number). For example, you can use 00000001 to configure your MFD.

When using Raymarine MFD (LightHouse 3.8 is required), you don't need to configure the DIP Switch manually and you can just import the custom page from the generated ZIP file (do not unpack it!) on the Settings page of "Dashboard" section and reboot the MFD. The downloaded file will contain pages for the "Dashboard" section and for the combined "Chart/Dashboard" section. See this article for details.

To configure Furuno MFD, you need to upload the configuration file over the NMEA 2000 network with the CAN Log Viewer, either our USB or one of our NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi gateways or routers is required.

For other MFDs (Garmin, B&G, Simrad, Lowrance) you can upload a configuration file from a Micro SD card. Refer to this article, the Alarm Button is configuring the same way as the Circuit Control.

If the check box below is unchecked, you will need to activate CZone support in the Alarm Button manually (please refer to section VI of the Manual).

(read only)

Automatically activate CZone support on YDAB units

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