January 24, 2024  Meet our dealer Matthias Busse at boot Dusseldorf

We are welcome all our customers to the Hall 10 booth E11 at boot Dusseldorf, where you can get answers about our products.

Busse Yachtshop team at boot Dusseldorf 2024

This year Matthias leave stands with our products in the office in Keil, and you'll not able to see them in action, but he is one from our oldest dealers with great experience in our products. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel, where he publish it's own videos about marine electronics. They are primary in German, buy novadays it is easy to turn on subtitles and auto translation to one of more than a hundred of languages.

Auto translation of subtitles

Figure 1. How to translate subtitles

To translate subtitles, click the settings icon on the video, select "Subtitles/CC" and click "Auto-translate" to select the language.

Come to booth E11 in Hall 10 or visit Matthias' video channel!


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